Tuesday, May 19, 2009

X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So…in spite of the fact that I haven’t done it in ninety years, I’m suddenly really jonesing to do some movie blogging. Also, my nephew, Torsten, chewed me out for not keeping this current. SO…here goes. I’ll try to do better…and I’ll play catch up for a bit…because I have actually watched some good movies lately.

First off…I went to see X-Men Origins: Wolverine this past weekend. At first I didn’t consider the movie to be one that I’d go to the theater to see…I was fine waiting for the DVD. I have loved the X-Men movies, but for some reason, wasn’t chomping at the bit for this one. Not sure why.

But…I went with some friends…and MAN. It was GOOD. I mean…seriously. I loved it. Anyone who is interested in the movie knows that Wolverine is a character from both the X-Men comic books, and the X-Men movies, played by Hugh Jackman. Now…I have to say it…I never put Hugh Jackman on my “list” of Hollywood studs until I see him in a movie…and then I remember how cool he is. His range is pretty broad…he’s played all kinds of characters, but Wolverine is certainly his most widely known. And probably…because Wolverine kicks so much butt. Seriously. I’d like to be a mutant…just so I could hang out with him.

If you remember the X-Men films, (I’m not familiar at all with the comic books, to be honest. Shoot me if you’re a purist…) you’ll know that Logan/Wolverine starts the first film not remembering his past. He doesn’t know where he came from…what his story is…etc. Though some of his secrets are revealed through the subsequent films, this movie serves as a prequel that tells his whole story.

As a boy, Jimmy Logan and his brother, Victor Creed, run away together, and grow up fighting wars and never growing old. Both are mutants who enjoy superhuman strength, animal instincts, and excess facial hair. Both have the ability to heal very quickly, as well, and are therefore all but indestructible in the battles they endure. When the wars end, however, the brothers don’t know what to do with themselves, and are recruited into a private army of mutants, which is lead by Colonel William Stryker.

Stryker uses mutants and their unique powers to…um…get the things that he wants…and has very little respect for anything that gets in his way…including human life. While Victor enjoys the role of a mercenary killer, Logan grows tired of the violence and leaves the team. Both Stryker and Victor feel betrayed by Logan’s desertion, and seek their revenge in different ways. In spite of this desire to remove himself from the life he once lived, Logan is forced to return as both Creed and Stryker paint him into a figurative corner. I won’t lay out the details of the story line…in case you want to see the film…but I gotta say…it plays out to my definite liking.

Along the way, we are introduced to other mutants…some who are new to the films…(Gambit, an energy manipulating con artist, played by my favorite Friday Night Lights star, Taylor Kitsch, is a favorite)…and a younger version of a future X-Men team member, Scott Summers, aka Cyclops.

I think that one of my reservations about seeing the film was thinking that maybe fleshing out Logan’s history was superfluous…I’d enjoyed him enough as it was…who cared where he came from? But…as it turns out, I really did enjoy the story, and made me like his character even more. The action in the movie was great, and I liked many of the characters. It is interesting to see where all of these characters have come from…both knowing some of the places they will eventually go…and also, in wondering they might pop up next.


Sharon said...

I've never seen any of the X-men movies, but now I may have to watch them. :-)