Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dan In Real Life

So I just watched Dan In Real Life. I am a fan of Steve Carell, but this is a little different from most of the movies he's been in. Less "Over the top Will Ferrell-y," and more, "This is actually someone that could exist and could be related to." Some of Carell's awkwardness that I've grown to love in The Office is there...but not so much that I was embarrassed for him...but just enough to make him seem like a real person with real feelings. We've all felt the way he feels...about one thing or another.

In the movie, Steve plays a man named Dan, whose wife has died, and who has been raising their three daughters on his own. The two older daughters drove me crazy almost the entire movie. Like, I get that teenagers are obnoxious sometimes...but I don't buy how jerky these girls were. Their dad is a nice guy and he loves them...I don't get how rude they are to him. So you didn't get what you wanted...move on, brats. His youngest daughter is more bearable...and has the most tender relationship with him. Basically she is willing to cut him a break moreso than the others...and I appreciate that. He deserves a break.

Dan's family is central in the movie...they spend a week (or something) at a sort of reunion, where Dan's brother, played by the always annoying Dane Cook, introduces them all to his new girlfriend, Marie...ten minutes after Dan met her in a book store and fell for her. Of course this makes for some awkwardness. As painful as it might be, stuff like this has to happen to give movies a plot...I get it.

Anyway...I won't share the whole plot here...but I did like the movie, annoying daughters and Dane Cook aside. Dan's family was likeable and warm, as was the whole movie, in my opinion. Probably one I will buy at some point...:)


Kristi said...

I loved it too! It had a couple very tender moments! All in all...good flick!

Rachael said...

Amen! I loved this movie! (And I love this blog! Great idea!) Despite the fact I went to see it at the dollar theater with my baby, my sister-in-law and her baby, my sister and her baby and my 8 month pregnant other sister, along with my mom and single sister - good thing we were the only ones in the theater! I definitely want to see this one again!

Sharon said...

Steve and I just watched this last night! Well, I watched it while Steve worked on the computer in the same room. I loved it! It was so "real". Very enjoyable!