Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I watched Enchanted over the weekend. I loved it! I’m a huge sucker for anything Disney…so I knew that I would love it even before I watched it…but you know, it’s good that it’s official. How can one go wrong with a movie that is 1 part cartoon, 1 part live action, 1 part musical, and 1 part McDreamy? One can NOT go wrong, I tell you…it’s not going to happen.

The movie, in case you’re not familiar, follows the story of a typical Disney Princess (to be), Giselle, who, just moments after meeting her “one true love,” is thrust from her beloved cartoon world into modern day New York City. Of course you can see where this is going…hilarity will ensue! Giselle is charming and innocent, and wins over almost everyone she comes across…including divorce lawyer, Robert, and his daughter, Morgan.

Giselle is followed through the portal to reality by various characters from her world, including her best friend, a talking squirrel who can’t talk anymore, a wicked witch and her bumbling henchman and then, of course, by Edward, who is determined to rescue her and take her back to their happily ever after.

Without ruining too much…I will just say that this is typical Disney…in that I love it…but I also like the fact that it also makes fun of itself a little bit, exploiting so many Disney cartoon stereotypes along the way to its happy ending.


Sharon said...

I love, Love, LOVED this movie!!! Those songs keep getting stuck in my head! "How do you know he loves you?"