Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nancy Drew

I grew up reading and loving Nancy Drew books. I think the first one I read was at my Grampa’s house…it was on the shelf, next to some Hardy Boys mysteries…and I kind of became hooked after that. I loved how smart she was…how she could figure anything out, and was never fooled by the lesser minded criminals she nabbed.

The Nancy Drew featured in the 2007 movie (played by Julia Roberts’ niece, Emma Roberts…who does this weird thing with her mouth that I can’t even figure out…it just bugs me) is easily as “book smart” as my childhood hero…but she’s way more naïve, and is socially kind of clueless. The Nancy Drew books were introduced in the 50s…and our movie’s heroine would have felt more comfortable in that decade far better than she does in ours. In the movie, Nancy goes with her father to Los Angeles for a three month business endeavor of sorts. Nancy has to leave her friends (including dreamy Ned Nickerson...but don't worry...he comes to visit) and “fans” in River Heights, and is immersed in a world where she doesn’t fit in. Modern day Los Angeles just isn’t ready for teenage whiz kids in penny loafers.

Most of the kids at her new school don’t like her…but Nancy does find a friend in 12 year old Corky, who develops an immediate crush on her and seems to just want to be with her. I’m not sure what role he plays, other than comic relief…because he doesn’t seem to help her in many other ways, other than providing her company.

Of course, aside from her woes in trying to find friends and be a “normal teenager,” there is a mystery to be solved. Nancy had promised her father that she wouldn’t do any sleuthing while in Los Angeles…but breaks her word almost immediately upon arrival. Nancy and her father are renting the house of a former Hollywood starlet who died under mysterious circumstances. Nancy sets out to solve the mystery that nobody has been able to solve for the past 30 years…and pits herself against bad guys of all sorts along the way.

I can say, honestly, that I did like the movie…though I felt annoyed by some of Nancy’s naivety, and wanted her to smarten up a bit. Like, maybe in the sequel, Nancy could NOT walk right into the back seat of the car that has been menacingly chasing her for the entire movie. Maybe. I don’t know.

Overall…it’s a fun movie…not one I’d probably run out to buy right away…but not one I regret watching either.